Modeling Videos

Videos of the time-dependent evolution of subduction help us to analyze how different parameters affect subduction dynamics and are a useful teaching tool.

Below you will find a list of previous publication with links to videos for numerical simulation of subduction related to that publication. Please see the publication for specifics about the model shown in the video. If you use a video in a scientific talk, please cite the publication.

The link will open a new tab to download the file from my UC Davis website and create a preview. Note that the video file sizes range from 0.5 to 10 MB. If you have trouble with a link please e-mail me.

Billen, Magali I: Deep Slab Seismicity Limited by Rate of Deformation in the Transition Zone, Sciences Advances, 6 (eaaz7692) 2020.

  • Model 1 (80 my, no phase transitions)
  • Model 2 (80 my, with phase transitions)
  • Model 3 (40 my, with phase transitions)

Billen, Magali I; Arredondo, Katrina M: Plate-Asthenosphere Decoupling Caused by Non-linear Viscosity During Slab Folding in the Transition Zone, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 281, 17-30, 2018.

  • Model 1 (REF, no ridge, no crust, Aop=20 my, Asp = 80 my)
  • Model 2 (Same as Model 1 with Aop = 40 my)
  • Model 3 (Same as Model 1 with OP crust)
  • Model 4 (Same as Model 3 with OP spreading ridge)
  • Model 5 (Same as Model 4 with Asp = 40 my)
  • Model 6 (Same as Model 4 with viscosity minimum = 5e19 Pa s)
  • Model 7 (Same as Model 4 with NO phase transitions)

Billen, Magali I: Insights into the Causes of Arc Rifting from 2D Dynamic Models of SubductionGeophysical Research Letters, 44, 1-10, 2017.

  • Model 1 (arc rifting, zoom) (OP-Age 40 my, crust-visc 1e20 Pa-s)
  • Model 2 (no rifting) higher viscosity crust (1e21 Pa-s)
  • Model 3 (no rifting) younger overriding plate (20 my)

Arredondo, Katrina M; Billen, Magali ICoupled Effects of Phase Transitions and Rheology in 2D Dynamical Models of SubductionJournal of Geophysical Research, 122 2017.

Rodríguez-González, Juan; Billen, Magali I; Negredo, Ana M; Montési, L G JAlong-strike variation in subducting plate velocity induced by along-strike variation in overriding plate structure: Insights from 3D numerical modelsJournal of Geodynamics, 100 pp. 175-183, 2016.

Arredondo, Katrina; Billen, Magali IThe Effects of Phase Transitions and Compositional Layering in Two-dimensional Kinematic Models of SubductionJournal of Geodynamics, 100 pp. 159-174, 2016.

Q-Boussinesq Approx., A-Extended Boussinesq Approx., PT – phase transition, CB-crustal buoyancy

  • Model 1Q       1A       no PT, no CB
  • Model 2Q       2A       no PT, with CB
  • Model 3Q       3A      two PT, 100% olivine, no CB
  • Model 4Q       4A       two PT, pyrolite comp.,  no CB
  • Model 5Q       5A       All-pyrolite PT, no CB
  • Model 6Q       6A       two PT, 100% olivine, with CB
  • Model 7Q       7A        All-pyrolite PT, with CB
  • Model 8Q       8A        Comp-dep PT (pyrolite, harzburgite, basalt), with CB

Taramón, Juan; Rodríguez-González, Juan; Negredo, Ana M; Billen, Magali I: Influence of Cratonic Lithosphere on the Formation and Evolution of Flat Slabs: Insights from 3D Time-dependent Modeling. Geochemistry, Geophysics and Geosystems, 16 2015.

Burkett, Erin R; Billen, Magali IThree-dimensionality of Slab Detachment due to Ridge-Trench Collision: Laterally Simultaneous Boudinage versus Tear PropagationGeochemistry, Geophysics and Geosystems, 11 (Q11012), 2010.

Burkett, Erin R; Billen, Magali IDynamics and Implications of Slab Detachment due to Ridge-Trench Collision. Journal of Geophysical Research, 114 (B12402), 2009.

  • Model 2 (reference; initial slab depth 600 km)
  • Model 9 (initial slab depth is 200 km)

Billen, Magali I; Hirth, GregRheologic Controls on Slab DynamicsGeochemistry, Geophysics and Geosystems, (Q08012), 2007.

  • Model 1 (REF: visc-jump to lower mantle x10, yield strength 1000 MPa, Sub-Plate-Age 80 my, Sub-Plate-Vel 5.0 cm/yr, visc-sz = 1e21 Pa-s)
  • Model 2 (visc-jump to lower mantle x30)
  • Model 3 (visc-jump to lower mantle x1)
  • Model 5 (visc-jump to lower mantle x30, visc-sz = 1e20 Pa-s)
  • Model 6 (visc-jump to lower mantle x1, visc-sz = 1e20 Pa-s)
  • Model 8 (yield stress 100 MPa)
  • Model 9 (Sub-Plate-Age 40 my)
  • Model 10 (Sub-Plate-Age 120 my)
  • Model 12 (Sub-Plate-Vel 2.0 cm/yr)
  • Model 14 (Sub-Plate-Vel 10.0 cm/yr)