Now recruiting new graduate students for subduction research

I am actively seeking new graduate students, seeking either Masters or PhD degrees, for my research group. After spending my sabbatical enabling subduction modeling using the simulation code called Aspect, I have several research projects for graduate students to work on.  Due to the nature of the research topics and tools used in our research potential graduate students should have a strong mathematics (including linear algebra and differential equations) and geophysics (or physics, fluid dynamics or continuum mechanics) background, with some experience in computer programming (e.g., matlab, python,…), and a strong interest in building on these skills extensively. Students with a Batchelors (BS) or Masters (MS) degree in engineering or physics looking to shift to geophysics for graduate school, as well students with a BS /MS degree in geophysics or geology with an emphasis in geophysics,  are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Billen for more information about potential research projects and how to apply.